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Bridge Construction

Upper Keys Marine Construction has performed bridge and bridge approach construction throughout Monroe County. Monroe County has called on our company to perform maintenance on bridges and install signs on Boot Key Bridge and Card Sound Bridge. We also did the foundation repair on Cow Key Bridge in 2005. In 2004 we set the new pedestrian walkway that sits adjacent to the bridge on Ocean Bay Dr. in Key Largo. In 2005 we demolished the existing Key Colony Beach Bridge, and rebuilt the new bridge including the approach and pedestrian walkway.


Our team of experts handles everything from design to installation.  Docks can be designed to fit your specific needs and come in a variety of applications including concrete, Ipe wood, composite decking, pressure treated wood, or grating. The craftsmanship of our finished product is remarkable and attractive.  Our dock projects are built to endure the harsh conditions experienced in the Florida Keys. We will plan your new dock in accordance with local and federal rules and regulations, personal preferences, specific needs, and desires in mind. 

Hi-Tide Boat Lifts

Upper Keys Marine Construction, LLC has teamed up with Hi-Tide Boat Lifts to provide our customers with a top-notch turnkey dock or seawall.   Hi-Tide’s ideals of priding themselves on their exemplary reputation aligns with our own and their products are of unparalleled craftsmanship.  Hi-Tide’s patented technology, use of top-of-the-line materials specific to our saltwater environment, rigorous production process, and great customer service enable us to proudly offer our customers custom lift systems to fit any boat.   

PWC Lifts

Upper Keys Marine Construction, LLC offers our customers a variety of options for your smallest vessels – including bay boats, jet skis and kayaks.

Seawalls / Retaining Walls

Our seawalls are built to last using either steel, concrete, or vinyl panels typically with a concrete cap.  A seawall reinforces your embankment and is designed to prevent erosion over time.  Upper Keys Marine Construction was the first in Monroe County to install vinyl sheet piling seawalls, a trend that has increased in popularity over time. Concrete retaining walls can accompany a new seawall to raise the height of protection from encroaching tides or to create a separation between your yard and cap and can be customized to your specific needs.  Our installation process results in a durable, long-lasting, and beautiful finished seawall that will be the envy of your neighborhood.  Afterall, your new seawall should be a wise investment that creates unforgettable memories for years to come. 

Piling Installation

Upper Keys Marine Construction, LLC installs pilings using years of experience and a proven method ensuring a strong foundation for any project.   We use either pressure treated wood, concrete, composite, steel, fiberglass, or pin pilings depending on the use and location.   Your project is only as good as It’s foundation and choosing UKMC will give you a piece of mind knowing your structure was built to last.

Rip Rap/Boulders

Rip Rap/ Boulder installation can be structural as well as decorative. Our installation process ensures your rip rap/boulder project will protect your property from erosion and be aesthetically appealing. Upper Keys Marine Construction has the experience to supply the correct size and placement ensuring durability, longevity as well as island charm.

Boat Ramps

The method used by Upper Keys Marine Construction, Inc to install boat ramps has been proven to withstand years of wear and tear encountered by the busiest of ramps. We have worked closely with engineering firms to ensure our ramps are not only strong and durable but also practical. We have installed ramps for the State, County, public access, homeowner associations, commercial as well as residential.


Upper Keys Marine Construction has constructed homeowner parks, commercial and governmental marinas throughout Monroe County.  We work closely with the owners and residents to create a process that is as unobtrusive to daily operations as possible and work with your utility contractor to make sure installations are timed to create the lease amount of inconvenience.  Our over 50 years of experience allow us to create results that are as beautiful as they are functional.

Floating Docks

Upper Keys Marine Construction, LLC installs floating docks systems that can be fully customized for residential or commercial use.  We install pilings to secure the floating dock system, which is designed to rise and lower with the tides.  An access platform, gangway, access steps, or a combination of access structures are designed and installed for ease of boarding to areas that have larger than normal tidal changes. Floating docks are a great addition to a seawall project, increasing your usable waterfront space.

Fish Cleaning Table

We offer an array fish cleaning stations to compliment your project in aluminum, wood, or concrete.  Each table is custom built. Options include a cutting board, utility drawer, shelves, canvas T-Top, rod holder, and powder coating. Our tables are built using high quality material and can add both function and beauty to your dock, seawall, marina, or municipal park.


Keep your boat or PWC secure. We offer aluminum straight or “S” cleats ranging in size from 10″ to 18″. We can even have them power coated to match your dock.


 Mooring whips keep your boat from striking the dock and causing damage to the boat and dock. We only use marine grade cast aluminum braces that automatically adjust for tide changes and bring the whips up when not in use. The test precision ground tapered fiberglass poles are gel coated for long lasting durability and stand vertical when not in use keeping them out of the way of gear.


Pedestals add tremendous functionality to your dock or seawall space by providing an access point for plumbing and electrical usage.  We will coordinate with your electrician and plumber to include this permitted accessory in our plans.  Please let us know if you are considering this option in the early stages of your project.

Piling Caps

Piling caps are designed to extend the life of dock and mooring piles. Cone shaped piling caps are also designed to keep birds from roosting on the pilings. We offer cone or flat piling caps, round, square or rectangle. They come in black or white as well as custome copper.


Ladders are a necessity on all docks, piers, and seawalls not only for access but also safety. We offer fixed straight ladders, fixed lift ladders and FloatStep ladders. The FloatStep ladder prevents marine growth which can form if a ladder is left in the water over long periods of time.

Kayak/Paddle Board Rack

 Keep your kayak or paddle board close by but secure by adding a board rack.

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